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Direct Marketing

One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations today, small or large, is building brand awareness. As a reputed provider of holistic marketing solutions, we at Silver Bird Marketing believe that the first step to selling a new product or service is to create the need for your product / service to prospective customers. The task of enticing prospects or existing customers with a new product entails mass communication. This can be successfully achieved with the help of direct marketing. We come from a school of thought that believes that the language between customers and companies has drastically changed, thanks to the advent of modern-day communication channels. Bearing relevance to this notion, we tactfully weave our direct marketing efforts around your campaigns to ensure that your business goals are achieved efficaciously. Our direct marketing services effectively reach the homes of millions of people globally. The primary objective of our direct marketing services is to establish a 2-way connection between the company and the prospect. All direct marketing material bear a ‘call for action’, like a discount coupon to entice the masses. Our gamut of direct marketing UK services entails 3 main types of mass communication as elucidated below:

Direct telemarketing: Taking care of language and tone, this type of marketing reaches prospects over phone to gather data, opinion or make a sale. We stick to client SLAs, DNC lists and other regulatory norms at all times while maintaining high call quality. Our direct telemarketing team consists of only qualified personnel who have a good knowledge of direct marketing solutions paired with extensive experinece in delievering direct marketing services, can understand the dynamics of various industries and think on their feet. The direct telemarketing team is further trained on basic email and chat etiquette and customer handling skills.

Email: Mass emails sent to target customers create the awareness of your new product / service as well as the need to buy it. Email addresses are derived from websites or generated in-house by our lead generation experts.

Print media: We also handle the distribution of flyers, coupon ads in newspapers / magazines etc., with proficiency.

Though direct marketing or direct telemarketing is a highly effective method of introducing or selling a product, it has been thrown in bad light owing to the simple and obvious fact that direct marketing is unsolicited. Having an inappropriate target database or reaching the wrong contact will have a negative impact on your company. What you need is high quality direct marketing services from the expert. Silver Bird Marketing’s superior direct marketing solutions help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns at reduced costs. We have streamlined processes that observe strict adherence to legal norms and regulations. Time and again these processes are reviewed in the light of the changing market scenario or client requirement and refined accordingly. Simply put, our direct marketing solutions are aligned to suit your business needs at all times. Before executing direct marketing UK campaigns we doubly check the validity of the data list in terms of its accuracy and if they are up-to-date. This eliminates the chances of reaching the wrong contact or a deceased person. Another key success factor lies in our flexibility to customize solutions to address your specific business goals and achieve the expected results. As a reputed direct marketing UK service provider, we ensure all our direct marketing solutions are rendered professionally with precision and timeliness. Trust your direct marketing UK services with us and build lasting connections with your clients.

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